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To book an event with Ted Pearce please call Mandy at 409.679.6257 or email us.
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"Warsaw Sessions;”Tubingen Edition” is a 6-song EP by culturalXchange that was released March 8 in Tubingen, Germany kicking off a two-month European tour. 
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European Tour!

For the months of March & April 2014, we are touring throughout England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Poland, Austria, & Hungary. We had to cancel Ukraine unfortunately.

So check out the schedule and hop on a jet to come see us, why don’t ya?  :-)
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What is Cultural Xchange?!

The band is called “cultural Xchange” because it’s a mixture of Poland, Israel, and of course TEXAS! (yeee haaa!). We are touring around Europe in support of the March of Life Austria (April 2-5) and March of Life Hungary (April 22-27) and promoting the concept of every tribe, tongue, and nation blessing Yeshua in a culturally relevant expression, with the people of the Book (Israel) as our common cultural foundation. 

Songwriter / Producer : Ted Pearce

American praise & worship artist, widely admired in the "Messianic” circles (jewish folk and Israeli influences,) formerly on Integrity Records with “Lamb” and has had 2 songs covered by Paul Wilbur. Ted has produced 8 albums and written songs that are played weekly in messianic synagogues worldwide.

Keyboardist / Producer Pawel Zarecki

One of the foremost pianists and Producers of Poland. Pawel has played with and produced several major stars of Poland, including Pat Methaney’s project with Maria Jopek, and Polish soul-singer Mietek Szczesniak. He has also produced several IHOP artists as well as groups from New Zealand and Israel.

Guitarist / Producer : Jamie Hilsden

Son of Pastor Wayne Hilsden (King of Kings Church in Jerusalem), Jamie has toured worldwide with his Tel Aviv-based group “Man Alive” and leads the Praise group “Generation to Generation” at King of Kings.
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