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I'm very excited about releasing 3 NEW CDS recorded on three different continents in a little over a year. This is called the Cultural Xchange Series and those cities were Warsaw, Hollywood, and Jerusalem.

I believe the amazing artists, musicians, people, and cultures that influenced the music we recorded during that amazing adventure of faith will inspire you to even greater heighths in your own life! 

But that's not all I do...

The March of Remembrance & March of Life Intl have been undergoing some structural changes that are going to make this the best year ever! For the ninth year in a row now, we are helping to gather saints all over Europe & The Americas in concert with more cities around the world to publicly pray and walk together in their respective cities every year in observance of the Shoah.

But MOST recently, I've started working with my son, Alex, and we've now produced the very first virtual reality tour of Israel! 

I've never seen anything like it. What we've done already will amaze and astound you...but there is yet so much to come. 

So check back often and maybe sign up for the email list, so I can tell you about what's coming next whenever the pillar of fire or the cloud moves....  ;-)

In His grip, 


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