You have to be there!? 


If you aren't going to Messiah Conference this year you are so going to hate yourself for missing it.

s we have all come to expect, Messiah Conference is going to be absolutely stellar again this year. I'm not getting paid to say that no one throws a Conference like the MJAA, and especially lately with Moaz Ministries co-sponsoring so many excellent Israeli brothers and sisters from the land to come and bless us in America???? 

I know that the Father is very pleased by the sound we make together whenever we worship, but I believe we're all in for an unexpected surprise this year with the addition of so many amazing Polish friends who will be among us. Really, you must be there! I'll come on erev Shabbat, right after Miqedem.  Believe me, I would not try to pull that off unless they were playing with me! So I am VERY excited to announce that I'll be playing with Miqedem on Friday night July 8th! 

These are the musicians, and amazing brothers and sisters in Yeshua, who made Warsaw Sessions and Jerusalem Sessions so fabulous!!!  Jamie Hilsden and Pawel Zarecki (whose website pic is a riot) and Jadwiga Kwapa (Jadzia Zarecka) and Shai Sol and Yaron Cherniak and Jeremiah Kaufman all in the same band onstage? Oh yeah, you need to see this!?!

Then add Paul Wilbur and Marty Goetz and Joel Chernoff playing during the week...with pretty much every other messianic artist around today???  Oh yea, don't forget the teachers. ;-) 

The only way it could be better is if YOU are with us. Please come to Messiah Conference and help us raise the praise!



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