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The Forgotten People (released at Dachau 2007)

Interview on "Christ in Prophecy" with Serbian subtitles

The Forgotten People with Hebrew sub-titles

Trailer for the Documentary "The Forgotten People" inspired by the song

The story behind the song and video "The Forgotten People"

As TOS Church in Tubingen was preparing for the first March of Life to follow the paths of death marches that happened in 1944 along the Schwabian Alps, Yochanan Marcellino came up with the idea of changing the lyrics of a song originally recorded by Ted Pearce with Big Methuselah called "The Forgotten People". The original version was about the annihilation of Christians in Sudan during the 1990s, but the new version would draw the correlation between the Holocaust in WII and modern day existential threats aimed at the Jews, and would have a music video produced by Stan Moore. 

Pastor Jobst Bittner came to Nashville, Tennessee for the video shoot at an abandoned auto manufacturing factory. Producer Stan Moore gave us a powerful music video which came in the packaging of a Compilation CD called "For Zion's Sake I Will Not Be Silent" released in Munich on Yom HaShoah, the day that we reached Dachau Concentration Camp on the first March of Life. 


Pastor Bittner during filming of 'The Forgotten People' music video

Galilee of the Nations Records and the film crew prepare for the day.


The Forgotten People with Polish sub-titles