1. Shehekiyanu
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Based on a traditional Jewish prayer of thanksgiving when something new has begun


M McKeown & T Pearce

Shehekhianu, vʼkiayamanu, vʼhiggianu lazman hazeh Shehekhianu, vʼkiayamanu, vʼhiggianu lazman hazeh
Blessed are you O Lord our God
Who has carried us to this day
Shehekhianu, vʼkiʼyamanu, vʼhiggianu lazman hazeh

Baruch atah Eloheinu,
King over all the land
You preserve our life and defend your own
And youʼve brought us to this season again
You uphold your people in every way,
No shadow of turning in You
You're faithful to every generation, we can trust in You

So where are the Hittites, Perezites, Jebusites, Philistines and Canaanites too?
Pharaoh, the Greeks, Romans and the Nazis We have victory in You!

Since ancient times until today
Your Right Hand brought us through
When we see the darkness rise, Your light comes bursting through