Newsletter - March 2019

"Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated"  



Shalom my friends,  

The culturaXchange keeps rolling, though it has been more than 3 years since I sent out a newsletter. I would say it's nothing personal, but actually it kind of was...and lately I've been hearing all kinds of crazy rumors about myself, so I figured it would be good to let you know that I'm still alive. 

I am completely accountable to those who support me. Anyone else can take a flying leap....but if you are truly a friend of mine I beg you, talk to me about it before passing anything on, ok? Some of the rumors I've heard are really vicious, and none of them have been true so far. 

It is true that I have gone through a lot of personal tragedy over the last few years, starting with the death of my little brother (and other family members), and then going through an indifferent divorce while taking care of my mom's recovery from a brain tumor. We know that the rain falls on everyone, so I won't bore you with my problems, but I dreaded life for a while and moved from my beloved Texas to South Carolina on the day of the total eclipse (August 27, 2017) with no intention to tour again. 

My dream was to help start a Messianic Arts & Media Academy there for building up worship teams. Suffice to say it did not work out in Spartanburg, yet I haven't given up. I now reside in the mountains of west Asheville NC but the target city for that Academy is now Daytona Beach, Florida. 



Schwarma Records & SONGS OF THE RABBI 

A Pastor who lives in Daytona, Matt McKeown, has nudged me out of retirement by offering time at Sound Mind Recording studio. We started writing and working together for a new album of songs and you are going to love if we ever finish it. In the meantime Matt & I did a crazy thing... 

Just as an experiment Matt gave me the studio for an entire week to produce a project we're calling. "Songs of the Rabbi". 

For the fourth time in six years, I was invited to play for the Rabbi's Conference in Orlando, so I asked every messianic Rabbi songwriter to send 3 songs they've written to define "messianic Jewish worship music". 

Then I sent out an open-invitation to about a hundred messianic worship leaders and musicians across America and Israel, knowing that not many could make a whole week in Florida. About 25 people were able to show up on different days of that week. So yes, we were going to produce an album of at least 15 songs with an undefined band of people who had mostly never met (much less played together) doing songs we had not heard a week. That's just crazy talk!?! 

Coming to save us from this potential disaster were folks you know like Corry Bell, Mark Vidito, Debra Kline, Vince Iantorno, Sue Samuel, Michelle Gold, Elshad Babakhadar, Mahlodi Wray, Sarah Benedict...and many more absolutely wonderful worship artists from the surrounding east Florida coast. I've started building a "Songs of the Rabbi" page on my website if you want to know more, and that's where I'll be posting the latest info as we go along. 

We finished cutting that album in one week of January and it worked out miraculously! Now Matt & I will need to find time to edit/mix/master those songs.  

Since these are songs of men who deserve great honor, we will be taking our time to make sure that every song is as good as we could possibly make it.  Most of these songs will be released as singles between now and the summer messianic conferences, with the hope of having a finished full CD ready by the first week of July.   

Though it's just a coincidence I'm sure, as it turns out the first song ready for release is based on 2 Chronicles 7:14 "If My People" by Rabbi David Rosenberg which should be out mid-March. Just waiting for Matt to get back from ministry in Switzerland to finalize it. This song features a Russian man Elshad Babakhadar (Novi Jerusalem) and an American woman, Sue Samuel, on lead vocals. 

It seems strangely prophetic that this is the message we start with. Stay tuned to my website and/or facebook page for the latest news. 



March of the Nations in Israel  2017-2019  

Many of you know that I was the Founder and Director of March of Remembrance and a charter member of March of Life in Germany, which began in October 2006. 

This started as a repentance prayer walk with children of Nazis and Shoah survivors Rose Price and Peter Loth going across Germany from Stuttgart to Munich arriving at Dachau on Yom HaShoah, April 14 2007. 

At Dachau, Galilee of the Nations Records released the "For Zion's Sake I Will Not Be Silent" compilation which included the powerful music video "The Forgotten People" featuring Pastor Jobst Bittner and me.  

This repentance prayer walk kept growing until now being held these marches in 350+ cities of 22 nations. Though I have recently stepped down as Director of March of Remembrance, it continues expanding as a worldwide prayer movement of Christians standing against anti-semitism, and praying against strongholds in our respective cities.  

This has culminated beautifully in the land of Israel over the last three years. During Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) May 22, 2017 several hundred of us marched from Latrun, Israel along the Burma Road up to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the recapture of Jerusalem.  

The following year 6,000 Christians from 50+ nations joined us for Israel's 70th birthday celebration May 13-15, 2018. March of the Nations held a conference in the largest auditorium of the city addressing anti-semitism in church history, while the nations raged about the US Embassy being opened across town. 

At the 2018 events, I had the honor of performing with Israeli band, Miqedem, with so many major international Christian ministries and Israeli dignitaries in attendance. Knesset member Rabbi Yehudah Glick was so excited that he ran into the crowd and got us dancing. I found myself in a dance with Heidi Baker! The day after the US Embassy opened all 6,000 of us marched across the city of Jerusalem singing "happy birthday" to the people of Israel.  

Ending ceremonies were held in the largest outdoor amphitheater of Mount Zion.  We hosted more than 2,000 Holocaust survivors with more than 8,000 people in attendance and it was broadcast to millions on God TV. The VIP Speakers were a "who's who" of major international ministries and more Israeli dignitaries, but one of them made a particularly powerful impact on me. 

Major General Almog was the man who led the Raid on Entebbe. If you don't know what that is, please stop right now and find out. This newsletter will wait.... 

They made a movie about this tough guy, and he rose to be one of the top military leaders in the world today....but none of that was his greatest accomplishment. 

He spoke that night about how he would never leave a soldier behind, yet he had a son who was born severely disabled and found that Israeli society had left these children behind. His love for these kids caused him to change the culture of Israel completely. He lobbied the government health care system to make major changes and began work on a city in the Negev built specifically to help families with severely disabled children, to give them a place of dignity and honor in their nation. I will never forget when he said, "God will judge us by how we treat the least of our society". 



In the last couple of years, the Lord has been bringing severely disabled and autistic kids into my life and I kept wondering why. This speech from the General was my answer. 

Some of you know that I constantly pray for the impossible, precisely because I know that I can't do it. But we know it is His will that these beautiful and innocent children are cared for so I have a new "impossible" vision to accomplish with the rest of my life. Would you pray and partner with me to see this kind of city to be built all across America and the world? We're calling it Eran Village after the General's son.  

I've met many people across the southeast who have innovative solutions, but they mostly toil alone. My challenge is to bring all of this intellectual energy together, and Adonai has sent Esher Barry to be the leader of the campaign. Esther and her husband have raised and adopted special kids...and have built 9 schools across Florida to help them. 

She and her husband are drawing up plans and inspecting properties of 120 acres to build such a city in Florida as a model for the rest of us. There is actually already a 37-acre city like this for mostly Down's syndrome kids in Melbourne, FL ( and General Almog has pledged the expertise of Israel to help us every step of the way. Stay tuned for more details on that city. 

For 2019, March of the Nations will be walking through several cities of Israel in June. Maybe you should go?  




One of our goals is to raise the profile of what they are doing at this city, Nachalat Eran ( in Israel, so with the help of Gilad and Magi Rosinger at Radiant Tours, we have launched something called "Servant's Heart Tours" where we go to volunteer at this city, as well as other outreach ministries all over Israel like picking up trash in Tiberias with Beautiful Land Initiative, or throwing banquets for Holocaust Survivors through Helping Hand Coalition. In the last week of February, I was asked to join the HHC Global Forum, an honor far beyond what can be explained here.  

We've just returned from the first annual Servant's Heart Tour and I have uploaded a few videos and pictures. It is mostly volunteering but we also have a lot of fun with local tourism opportunities wherever we go. If you've got a heart to serve the people of Israel, or the severely disabled, then this tour is made for YOU. Contact to find out about the next tour going. 



Bogata, Columbia in May 

I'll make my debut appearance south of the Texas border in Columbia this May with my dear friend, Tsahi Shapira, and Yeshivat Shuvu. He has asked me to teach a week of classes on something dear to my heart, messianic worship. This conference is going to be amazing and YOU are invited with so many American's already registered.  

That is only the tip of the iceberg of how the Lord is leading me out of my self-imposed retirement, but it's enough to absorb for now.  

And if your heart is moved to help with any of this, I could sure use help for these several projects. Your tax-deductible donation is welcome through my financial accountability partner A.C.T. (Artists in Christian Testimony, Intl) 

And remember that Ted Pearce Ministries is now accepting invitations to tour around America and the world again. If you'd like to know more about any of these projects, why not bring me in for an evening of praise, worship, and testimony? All it takes is an invitation. Contact my agent Mandy@Moshav or by calling her @ 409.679.6257

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