March of Life & March of Remembrance presents "Shoah Stories"

Yesterday we shot one of the most intriguing discussions you could ever hear. A fountain of grace has been opened and we can hardly wait for you to see it!!! And since it was shot completely in VR, it can only be viewed as if you are in the room with us. 

16 people who were second-generation direct descendants of the Shoah were divided into 4 different panels. Every person documented the facts, dates, names, places of their family story during the years of WWII. Who was killed, where, how many, etc..

And then they had the most intriguing conversations with each other. Pastor Jobst Bittner and several descendants of Nazi perpetrators came from Tubingen Germany to be a part of the conversation, as sponsors of the global March of the Nations (Jerusalem - May 2018)

Every single story was riveting, but watching them respond to each other was priceless, as you will experience for yourself in the not-too-distant future. 







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