Where David fought Goliath


Alex has been touring Europe to shoot a VR documentary with the most famous Composer of movie-themes in the world (whom will remain unnamed at this time) and is only growing in demand, so I have started training for other areas of VR that are not getting enough attention with Alex's travel schedule. 

In only a matter of about 3 weeks, I've become a lean/mean stitching machine, with well over 100 clips now ready. So my next step is to learn editing with Adobe Premiere Pro so I can create programs when Alex isn't available. We are still working together, of course, but now we can work independently while we work together. ;-)

My first attempt at editing is a show posted on the Littlstar page called "The Valley of Elah". Had to lift the intro off a show that Alex had released and it caused a weird line to appear in the back, but that will be fixed as soon as Alex gets back and gives me the original file to drop into that space instead. 

This is only a "first draft" to help me learn the software and how to build a show. Now I'm working on several more full programs; like a documentary on the stabbing of American tourist, Taylor Force, on March 8 in Tel Aviv.  

Stay tuned....things will start to move a little faster once I figure this out.


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