Battle For Zion: CD
  • Battle For Zion: CD

Battle For Zion: CD

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This CD is from 2009 when Ted was touring with sons, Wesley & Alex, who appear on this "classic rock" approach to ancient sacred musical styles, with some southern Texas flair thrown in for good taste.

This CD also features rock super-stars Andy Timmons on guitar, Dan Wojciechowski (Peter Frampton) on drums, Dan Castillo (Daystar Joni Band) on bass, Liberated Wailing Wall, and so many more friends.


  1. Am Echad
  2. Battle For Zion
  3. Yishtabach
  4. Yavo (Come King of Glory!)
  5. Behold The Lamb of God
  6. Hinei Lo Yanum
  7. The Great Shofar
  8. Direct Kochav
  9. The Marriage
  10. Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim
  11. The Festival of Lights
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