1. Your Majesty
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Your Majesty

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Your Majesty
(C) 2020 Ted Pearce Music BMI

Your Majesty I give my life to Thee
I worship you my King, it is for You I sing
O your majesty and your glory is manifest throughout all the earth!

We are the subjects of the King,
let us kneel before His Throne
A crown of glory on His head,
He has chose us as His own
His royal blood has made us clean
so we come joyful in His presence
His mighty Kingdom has no end,
a dynasty forever. CHORUS

King and Creator over all, none before you or beside
You alone are Majesty! May Your name be glorified!
I come boldly to your Throne because of what you’ve done for me.
A servant’s crown upon my head, I lay it at your feet! CHORUS

They shall speak of the glory of your Kingdom, and talk of your mighty deeds forever, Oh God
Because yours is a Kingdom without end, and without fail