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Born of the Spirit

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Based on the Book of John, chapter three


Born of the Spirit
Ted Pearce (c) 2020 Ted Pearce Music BMI

You may be a good man,
always doing what is right

Go to church every day of the week,
prayer meetings every night

Without faith it means nothing,
it's a self-righteous sin

Jesus said that you must be born again

No one gets to heaven
just by never doing wrong

And there is no reward
because you sing religious songs

The day you lay your life down
is the day your life begins,

Yeshua said that you must be born again

Born of the Spirit of the Lord,
born of the Spirit of the Lord

Let no man deceive you,
we can trust the Lord my friend

And Jesus said that you must be born again

Nicodemus said to Jesus,
"Now hey Rabbi, I'm confused!

How does a grown man
go back into the womb?

We know You are from God
by the miracles You've done"

For God so loved the world
He sent His son
What is born of the flesh
is surely born of flesh

From where and when His Spirit blows,
now we can only guess

Those who love the darkness
are afraid to leave the night

But those who love the Lord
come to the Light

Now He gives us the power
to turn from our own way

And He proved that He is Lord when He arose upon that day

And though He loves the sinner,
He had to die for our sin

But because of Him we can be born again

Jesus showed us how
and there's no better time than now

Jesus said that you must be born again