1. Clean Water

From the recording Warsaw Sessions

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Recorded in Warsaw, this song is from Ezekial 36


“Clean Water”
By M Stepakoff & T Pearce

In the mountains of Jerusalem, In the land of my fathers
Hallelujah, Baruch HaShem, I will walk with You forever

Sprinkle clean water over me, mayim t’horim (clean water)
Sprinkle clean water over me, mayim t’horim, mayim t’horim

Take away this heart of stone, give me a heart to follow You
Pour over me Your Holy Spirit that I may know the truth

V’zarakti aleichem mayim t’horim
I will sprinkle clean water upon you

And I will dwell in the promised land You have given to my fathers
Now I am one of Your people and You are my G-d