From the recording Warsaw Sessions

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The musical idea was originally created by my 9-year old son, as he was playing with apple loops one day, and I put the words of Psalm 67 to it. Add a middle section from Pawel Zarecki and some hip-hop from the Watchman and here ya go...


T Pearce Sr & Jr, Jeremiah Kaufman, Pawel Zarecki
© 2013 Rofex Publishing BMI

May God be merciful and bless us

And may his face shine with favor upon us, (Selah)

May your ways may be known throughout the earth,

Your saving power among people everywhere

May the nations praise you, O God; yes, may all the people praise you.

How glad the nations will be
As they come singing for joy,
Because you govern them with justice (Selah)
And guide the nations of the earth. (CHORUS)