1. Am Echad

From the recording Battle For Zion

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Loosely based on Romans 11, this is a fan favorite


Am Echad (One People)
M Stepakoff & T Pearce

Yeshua is the Vine and Israel a sign for all to see
Every tribe and tongue is grafted by the Son into the olive tree
If casting them away, He received the world instead
Then what is their return but life from the dead?

Am Echad Adonai Echad, One people, One God!
Am Echad Adonai Echad, One people, One God!

And in that day God will take away all their sins
They shall be saved and His servant David shall be their prince
In tears they have sowed but in joy shall they reap
He will lead them home as a shepherd leads his sheep

In the valley of dry bones, a holy wind is blowing making noise
The sound of a nation, a holy congregation with one voice
Singing a new song unto God
Shema Yisrael Adonai Echad

God is with us, in Him alone we trust for our peace
His love is forever and His mercy never will cease
He will set His resting place in our midst
Extending His love and grace to all who are His