1. Rose of Sharon
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A song about my friend, Holocaust survivor Rose Price


“Rose of Sharon” (The Price of Love)
May 4, 2007 - Music Olaf Kruger / Lyrics by Ted & Cheryl Pearce

Rose, Rose of Sharon
You were the lily of the valley since the day that you were born
Rose, Rose of Sharon
No little girl should ever have to see the things that you have known
You know the price of love, you paid the price of love

How can I explain when my worst nightmare couldn’t compare
To what you lived through every day?
And just like a rose growing up on a playground of blood and broken bone
You know the price of love, you paid the price of love

There came a day when they rescued you
And now you were free to run away
And when you were the judge
And had every right to hate every one of them and make them pay
You paid the price of love, you know the price of love

And you said “Father, Father forgive them
Father forgive them for they know what they do”
How could you do it? How do you do it, Rose?
Where do you find that kind of mercy?

Rose, Rose of Sharon
You’ve shown me things about myself that no one else could have ever shown
Rose, Rose of Sharon
You make the world a better place because you paid the price…..