1. Through It All
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Through It All
© David Guinn
Brian-David Music ASCAP

I was there when we found Him and drug Him away
I was there when we beat Him and we spit in His face
I was there when we whipped Him
And nailed Him to a cross
Never even knowing or counting the cost

But the sun it grew dark up in the sky
And the women all began to cry
They said, "Look at what you've done,
How you've treated God's Son"
But I know He loved us through it all

Well He spied his dear mother and he watched her cry
Until a soldier walked over and put a spear in his side
He cried, "Father, Father where have you gone?"
And Mary said, "Son it'll soon be over
And you'll be going home"

I'm just a Roman soldier with blood on my hands
A conqueror for Caesar of many foreign lands
When he cried, "Father forgive them
For they know not what they do"
Well I knew that I'd been conquered
And my killing days were through