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Love Will Conquer All
(c) 1993 Ted Pearce
Rofex Pub BMI

Not too long ago I knew an old man,
And this old man was the saddest man I knew
For though he looked alive, he was dead inside
Because his spirit had never met the truth
But this old man had a faithful friend,
Who had a love for him no matter what and without an end
And his friend would tell him that he could begin his life again
If this old man would only open up his heart and let him in
But love will surely conquer all.
There's no ocean too deep, no mountain too tall
Yes, love will surely conquer all. If we would only let it

But this old man had his own way to go.
He wouldn't listen because he didn't know
That his one true friend was all that he could trust
So now it's ashes to ashes and dust to dust

So this old man tried to run away
But his one true friend would follow him wherever he would stray
This old man just could not admit he was killing himself
And neither could his pride accept his one true friend's help

Now this old man and I were very close you see,
But I had to give him up because this old man was me
And except the fact it took so long I don't regret a thing
Because I found my closest friend is still the King of Kings

So open up your heart and let Him in,
You can hear Him knocking, let Him in
No one could love you like He does so let Him in.
He would give His life for you, would you let Him in?
And His love will conquer all when you let Him in.