1. Papa Said
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Sung by Nomadic Farmers drummer, Michael Morales


Papa Said
©1998 Brandon McDaniel and Kevin Morris Rofex Pub BMI

Little darling, where have you been?
I've seen you struggling again and again
The world is spinning, no one is winning the game
It's time that you decide which life you're living
Better hurry now the time has arrived
Your wish to stay on the fence has just been denied
Papa said, "Come along, come along with me
To a place I know is going to set you free, yeah
Papa said, "Come along, come and go with me
To a place I know is going to set you, going to set you free

Kneeling at your altar, bible in your hand
Do you really mean it when you're calling for His hand?
Little darling please remember well
That it's your daddy that saves the soul as well
There's still time to tear the hold away
From those things of earth that will lead you astray

Arise from hiding, the storm has gone away
Let His love fly in and carry you today
Jesus wants you, His arms are open wide
Little darling, His love you are inside
Now you live to tell your faith has brought you through
Go and tell the world your daddy loves them too.