1. An Example
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"An Example"
M Morales & T Pearce
© 1998 Rofex Publishing BMI

If I had the chance to go back, I'd want it all the same
If I could go back and make a change, I wouldn't change a thing
I've been through the fire, yes I have but you know all about that
The boys are growing strong, yea they're coming right along
They've got the strength of God's love to carry them on
I know that I've been given a chance to guide them and to teach them
And to make difference

So make me an example of your love
They've got to have it yea
I want my life to be an example of what your power can do

You know I can't complain but I do
Sometimes I just forget
About all that my father has given me
And He's not even done yet
Couldn't make a better life for myself
I've the chance to love, and I've had the chance to sing,
And I've got the chance to tell the whole world about everything


So when others look at me may you be the one they see in my life