From the recording Warsaw Sessions

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This song is written by the legendary David Loden, one of the original messianic Jews in the land of Israel and known for many Israeli songs.


Adonai Macheseinu
David Loden ©1983 ACUM

Adonai Machasenu, hu goaleinu,
Yeshua Meshichenu, bitchu bo

(The Lord is our shelter, He is our redeemer, Yeshua is our Messiah, trust in Him)

Vekarata, vekarata et shmo
Yeshua, ki hu yoshia, bitchu bo
Hu yoshia, hu yoshia et amo
Et amo me'avnotehem bitchu bo

And you shall call on His Name
For He shall save, trust in Him
He will save, He will save His people
His people from their sins, trust in Him