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Taken directly from verses of Zechariah 8, this song was first released as a dance (house) song at the Underground Club in Jerusalem, 2001.

This version was produced in 2002 by Bill Cuomo & Jerry Marcellino


Zealous Over Zion
©2002 City of Peace Music BMI
Integrity’s Praise! Music BMI
T Pearce
Zechariah 8:8

I am zealous over Zion, zealous over Zion
I am zealous over Zion, I will dwell in Jerusalem

She shall be called The City of Truth
The Mountain of the Lord of Hosts,
Har HaKodesh for thus says the Lord,
"I will save my people"

Old women and men shall sit in the streets
Each one with a staff in their hand
Children will play in the streets of the city
Joy will be heard once again

I'll bring the remnant from the east and the west
To dwell in Jerusalem
They will be my people for I am their God
In truth and in righteousness