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First released on the "Letter to the Hebrews" CD in Israel 2001


“Bless The Name Yeshua”
©2002 City of Peace Music BMI
Integrity’s Praise! Music BMI
T Pearce CCLI #4331368

We worship you O L-rd for You alone are worthy
To recieve all honor and praise
You are highly exalted, L-rd G-d allmighty
Sing out O heaven and earth

Hallelujah! Bless the name Yeshua
For He is the name above all names
Hallelujah! Bless the name Yeshua
Messiah gave His life in my place

We thank you O Father for sending Your Son
Who gave Himself a ransom for our sin
Perfect atonement, a spotless peace offering
You have given us a way to You through Him
Baruch Atah Adonai Yeshua
Redeemer of Israel
O Zion awaits the day of Your returning
Come to us Immanuel