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One of the first songs I wrote as a new believer


Sons of Abraham
T Pearce
© City of Peace/Hosanna Integrity BMI

Hear O Jerusalem, sons of Abraham
It's for the hope of Israel I sing
You're sent to be a light unto the nations of the world
Chosen as a witness of the The King

Shma Yisrael Adonai echad, my heart is heavy for you now
Harken to the voice of Elohim inside your heart
Seek the Lord while yet He may be found

The mighty God of Jacob, Isaac, & Abraham
Yeshua is calling you back to your promised land

Many sons of a stranger have joined unto the land
And nations you knew not have run to thee
To seek the Holy One of Israel, yet having eyes you do not see

Who has believed our report? While he is near I pray you'd call upon the Lord
HaMashiach (our Messiah) is returning to the land
My heart is heavy for you sons of Abraham

Now look upon the One who was pierced, a suffering servant for us all
Afflicted for our sin and yet no guile was in his mouth
And by his stripes we all are healed