From the recording Battle For Zion

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This has a hidden track at the end, featuring a 4 minute lead guitar solo from Andy Timmons


The Festival of Light
© T. Pearce
Rofex Publishing BMI

We offer to the Lord a heart of praise; we come as a living sacrifice
His Spirit is within us and we are not our own
For we have been bought with a price
You are the temple of the living God so cleanse and purify your heart
And dedicate yourself unto the true and living God
As we celebrate the joy of Hanukah

Welcome to the festival of lights
Have another latke give the dreidel a whirl
Light up the menorah on this Hanukkah night
And celebrate Yeshua; He's the light of the world

Baruch atah Adonai Elohenu
Melech ha olam, she asah nisim,
La ovotanu baiyamim hahem
Bazman hazeh
Michamocha bai elim adonai
Nes gadol hayah sham,
O who among the mighty is like unto you, O Lord?
Your salvation has also happened here

For victory stands not with the multitude of hosts,
But with the strength that comes from God alone
And thus consider that throughout all the ages
Not one that put their trust in Him has yet been overcome