1. Dead Flies

From the recording Hollywood Sessions

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A song about people who do stupid things...


Dead Flies
Ted Pearce & Daniel Pearce

Dead flies in the ointment of the apothocary causeth it to send forth a stinking
So does a little bit of folly in a very wise man

King Solomon wrote this verse in Ecclesiastes 10:1,
Trying to teach some wisdom unto his beloved son
Don't you run with those wild women lest thou pay a price,
Don't you go playing a Tiger lest you want to lose your wife

You might not be the sharpest bowl in the knife drawer,
You might not pronounce nuclear so great
But if you say you had no relations with that woman,
They gonna laugh at you in all 57 states

You can be too smart but not too wise,
You can be too cool, a real legend in your own mind
But every foolish thing you do will someday be revealed,
Just ask ole Charlie Sheen and let him tell you how it feels

We can laugh at these celebrities, but c’mon, let's get real,
You don't have to be famous to be getting that very same deal
You could be known as a great man for your whole life through and through,
But you just do one stupid thing and that’s how they'll remember you