Hollywood Sessions by t.Roy

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Meet the Longhouse Crew!

"Hollywood Sessions"

Produced by Wendy Waldman
Executive Producer Stan Mead & Ted Pearce
Recorded by Rob Hoffman at the Longhouse, Northridge, California
Mixed & Mastered at Rob's Place - Silverlake, California
Art and design: Ola Wylupek
Photography: Michael Pearce


Wendy Waldman - guitars and backing vocals
Brent Rowan - electric guitars and solos on "The Dead Sea" & "Dead Flies"
Rob Hoffman - orchestral percussion
Carl Sealove - bass
Scott Babcock - drums
Abraham Parker - electric guitar whale sounds on "Thorns" and other interesting soundscapes
Ron Sarfaty, Ted Pearce, Abraham Parker, Wendy Waldman backing vocal sections


The Dead Sea
T Pearce

Wendy Waldman: acoustic guitar, vocals
Brent Rowan: electric, slide, and baritone guitars


by T Pearce

Wendy Waldman: electric piano, electric and acoustic guitar
Abraham Parker: electric & slide guitar
Pawel Zarecki: piano
Jadzia Zarecka: saxophone
WW, Abe Parker, Ron Sarfaty, Ted Pearce: vocals

Dead Flies
T Pearce & D Pearce

Wendy Waldman : acoustic guitar, vocals
Brent Rowan: acoustic guitar, electric guitar 

That Kind of Love
T Pearce and W Waldman

Wendy Waldman:  piano, acoustic guitar, strings
Pawel Zarecki - piano
Abraham Parker: electric guitar
WW, Abraham Parker, Ron Sarfaty, Ted Pearce: backing vocals
Rob Hoffman: orchestral percussion

Remembering Lucy Baum
T Pearce & W Grund

Wendy Waldman: background vocals, acoustic guitars
Pawel Zarecki: piano

He Believes
© 2014 Wing and Prayer ASCAP/ Pen Publishing ASCAP
by Wendy Waldman & Brent Rowan

Wendy Waldman: bg vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, strings, vocals
Abraham Parker: electric guitar
Rob Hoffman - strings and orchestral percussion

All songs © 2014 Rofex Pub BMI except 
“He Believes” Wendy Waldman Songs ASCAP Admin: Pen Publishing & Wing and a Prayer Music, Inc  ASCAP